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Shopping in West Bridgford?

...and you have mobility problems?

We can provide mobility aids (manual wheelchairs, walkers and powered scooters) for anybody who has a mobility problem, enabling them to visit shops and places of interest in central West Bridgford.

The immobility may be permanent or temporary, and caused by disability, age, illness or accident; it’s not necessary to be registered as disabled to take advantage of our service

Visit us - we're in the West Bridgford Library complex - you can call us on 0115 981 5451 or email us at


NEW!!  Short-term Hire Service

We now also operate a short-term hire scheme (payable weekly) with scooters and wheelchairs which can be dismantled to go in your car, enabling you, for example, to:

  • take it away on your holiday in the UK
  • support a visitor with mobility problems
  • help you after illness, or discharge from hospital

Here’s how Shopmobility can make life easier for you! 

  • You can take your UK holiday without worrying about getting around easily when you’re there!
  • If you’re visited by someone who has mobility problems, don’t keep a scooter or a wheelchair in the house ‘Just In Case’ – we can provide you with one when you need it!
  • If you’ve been ill, or are recuperating after a hospital stay, we can help you to get around again!
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